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Miss Peach

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Profile Me, Please

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stefanie recently posted about the profile Guiness Girl wrote for her. It was a great profile. I jokingly asked Guinness Girl if we could talk and... well, apparently the old adage "Ask and you shall receive" DOES work, becuase today she sent me a fabulous profile. Check it out:

I am the kind of girl who adores champagne but isn't above drinking a cold can of beer. I've been described as "the perfect mix of kind and funny", "easygoing", "friendly", "if you were a band, I'd wear your t-shirt", and "as full of shit as [my] father". Although people often comment on how friendly I can be, I'm no shrinking violet, either - I love the F-word. I never forget who I am, which keeps me grounded even when things get crazy in my life. You can throw me in nearly any social situation and I can handle it (no, that's not an invitation to challenge me!). I'm definitely a glass half-full kind of girl - I love the infinite possibilities that life offers with all its choices. I think everyone has an interesting story to tell. I have a great group of friends and a fantastic family, and I value them above all else. I'm a hard worker and get satisfaction out of doing a good job, but I'm no workaholic.

I have a deep and abiding love for made-for-Lifetime-Television-for-Women movies, but I also love college football (Go Michigan!) and I get sucked into March Madness every year, even though my teams are often chosen as favorites simply because their rival is the alma mater of a girl I hated in elementary school. I cannot keep plants alive. I'm a big fan of fun and crazy music on road trips, but for my daily commute, NPR's the way to go. I make a mean guacamole that goes perfectly with margaritas and lime-kissed Tostitos, if I say so myself.

As for who I'm looking for, I'd love to meet someone to have fun with; someone who is laid-back and open-minded and interested in a variety of things. Kindness is key, and a sense of humor is a must as well. There's nothing better than being with someone who makes you laugh until it hurts. Modesty is always appreciated - as is confidence, and conviction/passion is very sexy. Guys who are rude to the waitstaff at restaurants need not apply.

Thank you, GG! Also, who thinks she should start a little side business? I do!


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